Yoe Booster Club

Cameron Yoe Athletic Boosters
President: Greg Hoelscher 
Vice-President: Kenneth Drika; Andy Layne
Secretary: Theresa Hollas
Treasurer: Mike Zajicek
Promos: Jamie Galvan; Ann Glaser; Michelle Harris

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Booster Club 


The Yoe Athletic Booster Club’s mission is to promote athletic programs, increase community interest, and assist the Athletic Department. Fundraising efforts enable the club to fund scholarships and also to purchase items to enhance the sports programs at Yoe High and Cameron Junior High.  This effort requires assistance of both volunteers and financial support provided by the local community. Parent membership and involvement is the key to our successful booster club.  We ask the parents of every athlete to participate in our many events to support our athletes.  By becoming an active booster member, you enhance our abilities to provide for all athletic teams andstudent athletes. 

Teri & Denis Adcox

Tino & Kristi Aguillon

Larry & Valerie Andress

Wanda Barnes

Kyle & Kathy Barrett

Jason & Monica Barton

Ryan & Maria, Sophia Batten

Floyd & Karen Berry

Sam Berry

Carl & Melissa Bradley

Tommy & Angie Brashear

Ronald & Jackie Brashear

James & Dana Brashear

Angie Brashear

Toby & Dana Broussard

Ed Mary Kay Cauley

Roxi Cerecerez

Billy & Mary Collier

Dorothy Daniels

Jerome Daniels

Randy & Franci Denio

Jim & Gwen Denio

Kenny & Alushka Driska

David Edmonds

Veronica Flores

Richard Fuentes

Michael & Tonia Fulton

Jamie & Jamie Galvan

Jenny Gebhart

Jeri & Richard Glaser

Ann & Chris Glaser

Maurice & Vicki Goza

John & Amy Granados

David & Janell Greene

Tommy Michelle Harris

Greg & Mary Hoelscher

Gery & Theresa Hollas

Pops & Cameron Holloman

Kristi Hubnik

James & Sandra Hudson

Jody & Marcy Kenney

Amy & Craig Kistler

Anton Kopriva

Betty Kopriva

Richard & Sara Kostroun

Rhonda & Kyle Kruse

Lucien Kruse

Anthony & Renee Lara

Jesse & Kristi Lara

Jessie Lavan

Jennifer & Andy Layne

Blane & Lori Laywell

Mary Llanas

Mike & Janice Marek

Francisca Martinez

Roy Martinez

Jennifer Martinez

Bob & Dana McClaren

Edmund Michalka

Eugene Michalka

James Michalka

Matthew & Belinda Montelongo

Basilio M Montez

James Mueck

Rebecca Mueck

Tonja Niv

Tanie Oges

Alan & Addie Patterson

Josh Pratt

Melanie & Steve Romine

Allan & Virginia Sapp

Forrest Sapp

Randy Sapp

Bertie Shuemate

Paula Sisco

Michael & Crystal Spillers

Brian & Tiffany Stork

Mark & Cindy Stroud

James & Connie Thompson

Bill and Family Torrey

Donnie & Veronica Tucker

Juan Carlos & Sonia Eva Vega-Perez

Karen & David Ward

Rob & Kimberly Welsh

Lisa & Rusty Wilkins

D' Ann & Rickey Williams

Daniel Willie

Craig & Kim Wise

Jennifer Young

Marvin & Regina Young

John & Lisa Youngblood

Mike & Joretta Zajicek


Monday, Sept. 11 - 7:00 p.m.

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